Can I use a wash and wax car wash after a winter storm? Technically, yes, you can. If you store your car undercover and often clean your vehicle only once a week and remove pollutants (like bird droppings) just as quickly as they hit the car, then perhaps a wash and wax solution would take the place of actually waxing. However, if you wax your vehicle regularly (as recommended by your dealer), and you also use a good quality wax to clean it in the first place, then no, you shouldn’t use a wash and wax solution. Wax protects your paint from scratches and makes the finish shine by eliminating swirl marks and other damage.

So, what’s so important about wash and waxing? Well, the answer depends on your needs and the look you’re going for. For instance, if you have a gold exterior paint, using a wax every two weeks or so can help it maintain its shine and even color. Even if you’ve to degrease and washing your vehicle from time to time, adding a layer of wax is the perfect way to make sure that the paint maintains its flawless brilliance.

You’ll notice the difference immediately: your paint will be gleaming and you won’t see any swirl marks as quickly as you once did. In addition, the shine and color will be consistent. Even if you don’t think your vehicle has been properly cleaned, a good quality wax or wash will restore it to the original gloss. By removing all the contaminants, such as dirt, grease, salt, and snow that have worked their way into the finish, you’ll have the perfect shine.

It’s also a smart idea to use soap residue remover right after you clean your vehicle. Most car washes and automotive detailing shops will have an excellent variety of soap solutions for cleaning different kinds of paint. You can purchase a bar or tub-type solution or a concentrated liquid solution to easily and thoroughly clean your vehicles’ exterior. Leaving soap residue behind can result in paint peeling, dulling, or flaking.

If your vehicle was parked outdoors for a period of time (or if it was left in a hot, sunny spot), it’s a good idea to apply a wash and wax treatment to it once you bring it inside. Leaving your vehicle parked in these conditions for long periods of time can result in the wax protecting the finish instead of letting it penetrate it. The best time to apply a wax treatment is before you bring your vehicle inside. Plus, by leaving it where it naturally starts to dry, you’ll ensure that the product penetrates the paint and will actually work faster.

There are also products available to protect newly polished or unpolished metal surfaces. These types of waxes are less dense and less shiny than regular waxes, so they won’t cause a chrome shine on new, shiny parts. They will also prevent dullness caused by road salt or other chemicals that leave your car looking dull and lifeless. So you can polish your vehicle without worrying about the dreaded chrome finish wearing off or looking too dull.

A final option for those who want the quickest effect but don’t like the dull look of regular waxes or clay bar transfers is the use of a clay bar finish. A high-quality clay bar can easily create a shine as light as automobile paint itself! And you can easily apply this shine right onto your vehicle’s finish. For best results, use a high quality clay bar with a ceramic polishing wheel.

But the best part about these products is the fact that they remove 99% of all grime from your vehicle. With just a quick wipe, you’ll be able to remove dirt, debris, and any other impurities from your vehicle’s finish. Once you’ve cleaned it with a good cleaner, you can then simply apply a high-quality wax again to keep it looking like new. And as a final step, a custom touch can be added with an acid wash for a scratch-resistant shine. A great product to protect your investment and add interest to your drive!