Ceramic Coating AZ

(price may vary depending on vehicle size and condition)

Small vehicles $600, Large vehicles $800

This service can take 1-2 days

What this service includes;

  1. Wheels, Tires, Wheel wells cleaned and degreased
  2. Paint is washed with car shampoo and spot free water using proper wash techniques
  3. Clay bar painted surfaces to remove embedded contaminants
  4. Paint is polished to remove swirl marks and light scratches
  5. Ceramic coating is applied to painted surfaces
  6. Exterior glass is cleaned
  7. Tires and plastics are dressed to give your vehicle that fresh detailed look


  1. Glass coating (additional $50)
  2. Wheel coating (additional $100)
  3. Plastic coating (additional $30)

This service is highly recommended after you purchase a brand new vehicle. This is the longest and most durable protection you can add to your car. Our ceramic coating will last you 2-3 years with proper maintenance, and we highly recommend going on a maintenance plan to ensure your new ceramic coating will last. It is important that you don’t take your vehicle to the drive through car wash after it’s been coated. The car wash will scratch your freshly corrected paint and the coating will start to fail.