Wash and Wax 

(price may vary depending on vehicle size and condition)

Small Vehicles $125   Medium Vehicles $150   Large vehicles $175

This service can take 2-3 hours

What this service includes;

  • Wheels, Tires, Wheel wells are deep cleaned
  • Paint is washed with spot free water using proper wash techniques
  • Bugs and road tar are removed
  • Clay bar painted surfaces to remove embedded contaminants
  • Exterior glass is cleaned
  • Wax is machine applied and will last about 4-6 months
  • Tires and plastics are dressed to give your vehicle that fresh detailed look

Our wash and wax service is a good way to bring back the shine in your paint and add a protective layer to your clear coat. We recommend getting your car waxed about 3-4 times a year. Waxing your car will ensure your paint lasts the lifetime of your vehicle and protects the clear coat from the harsh Arizona elements. 



Wash and Wax FAQs

How long does the wax last? The wax we use is rated to last about 4-6 months. If your vehicle is garage kept and not daily driven it will most likely last 6+ months. If you park outside and drive frequently the wax wont last as long.

Will this remove scratches from my paint? Wax does not permanently remove scratches, but it can sometimes fill in lighter scratches making them less noticeable. To permanently remove scratches form your car they would need to be polished in our Paint Correction service. 

What kind of wax do we you use? We use a paste wax that can be applied by hand or by our polisher machine. A paste wax is different from a spray wax and typically lasts longer.

Will wax fix my faded paint? No, wax is unable to bond properly to faded paint. Unfortunately the only real way to fix faded paint would be to get it repainted.