Car Polishing San Tan Valley

Car Wax Polish Service

Your car’s clear coat acts as a barrier between the bad elements in the environment and a good-quality wax. There are a number of harmful elements in the atmosphere, such as acidic rain, dust, ultraviolet rays, and those tiny, harmful particles that float in the air. The water that leaks from dirty puddles that you drive in is also a source of damage to your car’s exterior.

Dirty water will get on the clear coat regardless of what precautions you take. However, wax has the effect of making water run off your car almost as quickly as it got there. Additionally, car wax seals gaps that are typically present in clear coats. Many of these gaps result from scratching the clear coat with a non-microfiber cloth or a rough surface. The wax fills in the scratches and protects the clear coat of paint on the car by making a protective layer over the top.

Signature and Auto Detailing can assist with polishing your car and making it look as good as new. The services we provide to our customers are of high quality and they are completely satisfied. You won’t be disappointed with our employees’ expertise since we are one of the best here in Arizona.

Car Body Polish

Most newcomers to the detailing world believe that waxing your car will make it shine. However, that is not exactly the case. The only thing that really fixes issues with paint is polishing. Using this tool, you can get rid of scratches, brighten dull or faded paint, and remove swirls, oxidation, and other contaminants, all while leaving the paint smooth, shiny, and clean. The purpose of wax is not only to make paintwork shine but also to protect it after polishing.

We recommend that you polish your car only when needed since polishes are abrasive. Worrying about the price is the last thing that you should do. Every time you polish, you remove a layer of material. The clear coat and paint on your black car can eventually become thin, and you can in extreme cases see through to the undercoat if you over-polish. 

Polishing involves covering large scratches with smaller and smaller scratches until they cannot be seen by the naked eye. While this will keep the paint of your car looking good for a short period of time, eventually damaged paint and unevenness of the surface will cause the paint to look dull. An electric cordless buffer can help you to restore the look of your paint.

One of our specializations is car paint correction. We only use state of the art machine polishers and a range of various polishers and graded pads. Typically, deep abrasions are removed on the first stage of the process, then lighter ones will be removed in the final stage using a finer polish. Sometimes, the naked eye doesn’t see any blemishes but a fully corrected car can be seen when it is viewed from direct sunlight showing no marks and scratches.

Interior Polish

You should always start detailing your car with the interior when you’re all set to do so. While entering and leaving the vehicle, you can clean away fingerprints in your glass window, smudges, and smears that may have been left on the paint and door handles.

In addition to spraying and foaming car interior formulas and wiping all surfaces, our car interior cleaners also deodorize and protect all interior surfaces.

Many drivers spend a significant portion of their time behind the wheel or on the road. Because of your busy schedules, you often neglect the upkeep of the interior of your vehicle while taking care of the exterior. Unless you maintain your vehicle regularly, you may find that the interior of your vehicle becomes cluttered and dirty, which hinders your ability to enjoy driving.

Keeping your car clean from the inside is as important as keeping it clean from the outside. Nevertheless, a detailed interior can be changed to like-new condition with appropriate maintenance. 

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