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Detailing done the right way not the easy way

Are you looking forward to giving your four-wheel drive a polished and brand new look? While you can give your car an inside and outside cleaning as best as you could, hiring a professional and experienced detailer with the right techniques and high-quality products gives your ride the pampering it needs.

Is it expensive? Maybe the right question would be: Is it worth it? The answer is yes, and we are not saying it because we are in the business. Whatever kind of your vehicle is – from classic to luxury car, it will definitely have valuable benefits from detailing, in addition to cutting cost from too much car washing.

If you’re around Valley, call us now, and let’s start making your four-wheel partner the cleanest car you’ve ever driven!

What is Car Detailing?

Also called auto detailing or automotive detailing, car detailing simply means thoroughly cleaning your vehicle from top to bottom as well as it’s interior and exterior, utilizing advanced techniques and high-quality products. It also involves paint restoration, when needed. Any car detailing company promises to do the job. But with us, we consider it as an art and craft that should be done with passion. We understand that your car is your travel buddy, that is why we provide the best care to restore and give it a like-new condition. Besides, we believe that our cars are the extension of our homes, so they deserve to be clean and fresh all the time.



So, how do we do it? 

We start with car washing and vacuuming, then give your car a deep cleaning using specialized tools and supplies, leaving no spot inside and outside. We make sure to inspect every corner, even if it means removing parts of your vehicle to make sure there is no crack, french fries, or any dirt hiding. Then, we will apply high-quality products to enhance its appearance and bring back its brand new condition, including getting rid of paint scratches. The products we use are also designed to provide protection from future dust or dirt. Finally, we will spray perfume for a long-lasting fresh fragrance!


Car Paint Correction

There’s no other way to fix the scratches from your car than a car paint correction, which is the most detailed and time-consuming part of the car detailing process. These imperfections may come from automated car wash marring, swirl marks,  fine scratches, water spots, and etched bird droppings holograms caused by poor washing techniques.

One of our specializations is car paint correction. We only use state of the art machine polishers and a range of various polishers and graded pads. Typically, deep abrasions are removed on the first stage of the process, then lighter ones will be removed in the final stage using a finer polish. Sometimes, the naked eye doesn’t see any blemishes but a fully corrected car can be seen when it is viewed from direct sunlight showing no marks and scratches.

Car Interior Cleaning

Another part of the car detailing process is interior cleaning. It is as detailed and thorough as the exterior cleaning. When you have your car washed or DIY, you may not see deep-seated dirt under your seats and carpets. Besides, professional detailers use specialized tools that you may not have. To give you a picture of how much we do, here are the usual steps in a car interior cleaning, as a part of auto detailing:

  • Cleaning the floor mats and carpets.
  • Cleaning the roof liner.
  • Cleaning the cockpit trim.
  • We don’t forget the spare tire recess.
  • Door entries should be clean, too.
  • We make your mirrors and screen sparkling clean.
  • We don’t only clean your upholstery and seats, but we also make sure they’re hygienic.
  • We give gentle care to your leather.
  • Safe traveling is important, so we also clean your compartment.

Benefits of Car/Auto Detailing

Preserves Paint Condition: The exterior paint of your vehicle can be affected by dust, debris, and dirt on the road, especially if you love to drive long distances. Having regular car detailing services will ensure that your car will not pick up some scratches or tiny dirt. Your technician applies a generous coat of wax to your car paint, which gives shine and at the same time, provides a protective barrier.

Provides Interior Comfort: Just imagine driving a car that’s full of dirt. But with a regular car detailing service, your technician will clean and condition your seats, as well as remove dirt and every build up in your dashboard. After then, you will be surprised that your driving improves because the interior of your vehicle is fresh and clean. You don’t even feel embarrassed when some people you know ask for a hitch.

Maintains Vehicle Value: You may not think of selling your car now, but it is always best to be prepared for any possibilities. We already know that a physically appealing vehicle attracts buyers more. So if you have your car regularly detailed, you can preserve its value.

Hand Car Wash

Does your car need a wash or detail? 

You might be wondering what is the difference between car detailing and a hand car wash. For non-technicians, both may have the same purposes. But make no mistake so that you won’t end up paying more. Simply put, car detailing is more time-consuming because it is more in-depth while hand car wash is a regular inside outwash that includes exterior shampoo and basic interior cleaning.

Generally, drive-though or automatic car wash companies don’t offer interior cleaning involving vacuum cleaning and wiping down hard surfaces, that is why it’s cheap and can be as quick as 20 minutes. Its main purpose is to remove tar, debris, dirt, or dust from the coat of your car. 

Believe it or not, a hand car wash can be damaging due to the use of rotating brushes that are rough and abrasive. As a result, it can scratch your car’s paint and glass. Although these days more and more companies have switched to softer brushes, it’s still most likely that you encounter uncleaned brushes. For example: if you went to have your car washed after a car that came from the beach. There may be some sand left in the rotating brush that could etch your glass or paint. It is also possible that there are residues left in the towel, which they use to wipe your car.

But if you come to us, we make sure that none of these will leave you disappointed. It has always been our mission to provide 100% satisfaction to our clients, because they are the reason we are still here, improving our services to the highest quality at affordable costs.

Have you heard of a waterless car wash? We also provide a waterless car wash nowadays, which is only recommended for vehicles with light dirt. Instead of using water, we use pre-mixed spray and a microfiber towel to wipe the surface of your automobile. In this way, we can contribute to preserving water, and at the same time provide a car wash service that is as effective when using a hose or pressure washer.

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