Paint Enhancement AZ

(price may vary depending on vehicle size and condition)

Small Vehicles$250  Medium Vehicles$350  Large Vehicles $450

What this service includes;

  1. Wheels, Tires, Wheel wells cleaned and degreased
  2. Paint is washed with car shampoo and spot free water using proper wash techniques
  3. Clay bar painted surfaces to remove embedded contaminants
  4. Paint is polished to remove swirl marks and light scratches
  5. Exterior glass is cleaned
  6. Tires and plastics are dressed to give your vehicle that fresh detailed look


  1. Machine applied wax (additional $50)

This service will remove light scratches in your paint and bring back some depth and shine. This is the service for you if you are looking to improve your paint and make it look shiny again but you aren’t looking for that perfect scratch free paint.

We recommend adding a wax or ceramic coating to this service so your paint is protected and even shinier. (Disclaimer: Deeper scratches will still be visible)