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Protect your Bike from the crazy Gilbert weather

What is a Ceramic Coating?

A Ceramic Coating is a form of protection that bonds to the different surfaces of your motorcycle. Coatings can be applied to Paint, Glass, Wheels, and  black plastic trim.

Ceramic Coatings have been around in the detailing world the last 10+ years.

Unlike wax, Ceramic Coatings offer a much stronger and longer form of protection that can last a few YEARS vs wax only lasting a few months.

You can think of a Ceramic Coating as the sacrificial layer of your motorcycle protecting it from all the elements.  

The ceramic coating process can take between 2 – 4 hours to complete and then the coating will need to cure/harden for the next 12 hours.

Ceramic Coating Benefits

1. Can reduce light scratches and prevents rust spots 

2. Makes your vehicle very easy to clean and maintain

3. Protection from chemical staining and etching

4. High gloss shine so your vehicle will look newer longer 

5. Protection from the harsh gilbert sun, rain, dust, road grime, ect

6. You’ll never need to wax your car again

7. Self cleaning properties

Ceramic Coating Myths

Ceramic Coatings will not prevent your motorcycle from getting rock chips or fix preexisting rock chips. The only way to prevent rock chips is to get PPF (paint protection film) applied to the frontend of your motorcycle. 

Your new coating will not make your motorcycle scratch proof. Although Ceramic Coatings are scratch resistant, your paint can still get scratched if not careful. We recommend joining our maintenance program to keep your motorcycle clean and scratch fee:) 

Ceramic Coatings do offer “self cleaning properties” but to ensure your coating lasts its full lifespan, it will need to be properly cleaned and maintained. Luckily, we offer a Maintenance program! By joining our maintenance program we can guarantee your coating to last its full lifetime.

Motorcycle Ceramic Coating

Starting Prices:

(price may vary depending on size and how much paint correction is required)

Small Motorcycles


Medium Motorcycles


Large Motorcycles


    Ceramic Coating process:

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension are cleaned
We thoroughly clean both sides of each wheel and scrub each side of both tires to remove brake dust and road grime.
Prep Wash

All exterior surfaces are cleaned, decontaminated, and prepped for the ceramic coating.

Clay Bar Painted Surfaces
The clay bar treatment helps remove embedded contaminants from the paint, leaving behind a smooth surface for the wax to bond to.
Paint Correction

The paint correction is the process of removing swirl marks, and scratches making your paint look like a mirror.

Ceramic Coating Application
Now we apply the ceramic coating to the paint and other surfaces if applicable.
Clean seats and garage cluster

We scrub the seat/seats clean, and carefully clean the handlebars and gauges.  

 Ceramic Coating FAQs

How long does this service take? It typically takes us about 2-4 hours depending on how big your motorcycle is. Then after the coating is applied it will need to cure for about 12 hours.

Can a ceramic coating replace my clear coat? Paint that is fading or peeling will not be able to get ceramic coated. Ceramic coatings need a smooth shiny surface to bond to. The only fix for clear coat failure is a repaint.

 Can this be done at my house? Yes, as long as we have access to your garage the entire ceramic coating process can be done at your home. The cities we service are, Gold Canyon, Apache Junction, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe.

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