Light Interior Cleaning – This is the key to your home’s total look and feel. No matter how clean your house may be, it just won’t look right if you don’t have some light and air coming through. Light helps us see the details in our home – from the deepest parts to the brightest areas. In a way, lighting is almost an art form, as it is able to highlight not only the good but also the not so great in a way that brings a sense of balance to the whole atmosphere.

When you do the job correctly, you will get optimum results from your light and air detailing efforts. Interior detailing can be a hard and laborious task to accomplish. However, if you know the proper techniques and tools to use, you can make cleaning your home and car a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. Here are some simple but effective steps to help you with your light interior cleaning:

Drying – A simple method used in light interior cleaning is washing or vacuuming. The simplest and most common use is washing because this will ensure that all the dirt is removed and the finish is washed away. Wash the exterior of your car and windows with a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Do this on a regular basis and your car will be looking new all the time. If you do wash, try using a detailing spray to ensure that there is no excessive build up of dirt.

Trim – Trimming is another very important part of light interior cleaning. Most people think that just pulling out all the trim and clean inside the door jambs will give you a clean car but it doesn’t work like that. While trimming, you need to go very slowly and make sure that you trim the edges and not the corners. Make a cut in the middle and rub the inside of the edge with a detailing stick or you can use steel wool to get rid of any bubbles. Make sure that you clear all the crevices to give your car a complete clean.

Express detail – This is the opposite of vacuum cleaning because you will be applying a high-powered jet of water on the exterior. This will make sure that all the dirt is removed and you will have a clean finish. It is recommended that you hire professional cleaners to do this for you so that it looks just as good as it did on the day you had it done. Exterior washing and detailing should be done only by professionals to ensure that the end result is a quality car. You can lighten your job by doing it yourself, however it is always best to leave it to the professionals when it comes to washing and detailing.

Wax – Waxing is another important part of a detailing job. When you wax your car, it will create a shine that is not possible with water alone. You will need to add an extra coat of wax when you are going from a light wash to a medium/heavy conditioner. When you are going from light to heavy conditioner, make sure that you wipe off all the excess wax.

Spray Wax – You can use a high-quality spray wax to remove stains and marks as well as removing grease and oil. You should apply the wax to all the hard-to-reach areas, such as the under-carpet areas of the carpet, and then wipe it down. It is important to wipe down all the areas of the car to get any excess wax removed, and then apply a second coat of wax to give your vehicle a polished look. When you are trying to remove hard-to-reach stains or marks, you can use a special cleaner made just for removing them and spraying the affected area will help you get the cleaner into hard-to-reach spots.

Foam Insulation – Foam insulations are great at keeping your interior cleaner. If you have existing foam insulation, you can easily apply a protective layer using a product such as D101. When you apply a protective layer such as D101, you protect the foam insulation and make it last longer. You can even paint protective coatings on if you wish.