Scratch Free Hand Car Wash In Gilbert

Our Hand wash service is not the same as the cheap car wash down the road. We use proper tools, products, and techniques to ensure your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned without causing damage to your paint. 

We even clean the inner parts of the wheels which usually have bad brake dust build up that can lead to corrosion .

Drive through car washes use very strong chemicals that will strip away any wax or protection you have on your paint and the brushes that spin around cause horrible scratches and swirl marks on your paint and can leave permanent damage on your vehicle.

We take our time ensuring every exterior surface gets cleaned, this typically takes us 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

Simple Pricing

(price may vary depending on vehicle size and condition)

Coupes/ Sedans


Small SUVs/ Small Trucks


 Full-size Trucks and SUVs


Hand Car Wash Process:

Wheels, Tires, Wheel wells deep cleaned

We don’t just clean the face of the wheel, we clean the inner barrel and the wheel wells. Then we apply a water based dressing to plastic wheel wells giving them a “like new” appearance and making them easier to clean in the future.

Paint is washed with spot free water

We use proper washing techniques to ensure your vehicle gets a scratch and swirl free wash every time! We also utilize 100% spot free water which is very essential in preventing water spots which are easy to get in Arizona

Bugs and road tar are removed

Unlike the drive through car wash, We take the time to get all the bug splatter off the front end of the vehicle. 


Exterior glass is cleaned

All exterior windows and mirrors are cleaned and left streak free. 

Tires and plastics are dressed

We dress all the exterior plastic and tires. Not only does this give your vehicle that fresh detailed look. It also helps protect the black trim from fading in brutal Gilbert sun.

Clean door jambs

We even clean your door jambs which are often forgotten about! 

Spray sealant is applied

We apply a spray sealant after the wash which leaves your vehicle protected for about 4 – 6 weeks or until your next wash 🙂

Hand Car Wash Addons

Want to get the most out of your exterior wash? Add on a headlight restoration to clear up faded and foggy headlights. Or add on an Engine Bay detail to spruce up your engine.

Hand Car Wash FAQs

Are you Mobile? Yes! We come to your home, apartment, office, or work location! These are the areas we service: Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Gold Canyon, Apache Junction, San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, Paradise Valley, Tempe. 

Does this include waxing? No, this service is strictly just a wash. If you are interested in having your exterior waxed, check out our Wash and Wax or Gloss Enhancement services. 

Will my car be left with scratches and water spots? Definitely not! We only use filtered water which is 100% spot free. We also utilize proper wash techniques paired with soft wash mitts to prevent any scratches. 

Do you need an electrical outlet or water hose? No, We carry our own water and generator with us. So we can help you out in any location.

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