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 What is a Paint Correction?

A Paint Correction is the process of removing swirl marks and scratches from the clear coat layer of your paint, using machine polishers. 

Depending on which level of correction you choose (1-step or 2-sep) will determine how many scratches and defects get removed from your paint.

The 1- step correction removes about 50%-60% of swirl marks and light scratches from your vehicle’s paint. The 1- step is recommended for brand new vehicles that don’t need as much polishing/buffing. 

The 2- step correction removes about 80%-90% of deeper scratches and defects. The 2- step is recommended if you’re looking to achieve that perfect “show car” paint. 

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1- Step Paint Correction:


Simple Pricing 

(price may vary depending on vehicle size and condition)

Small Vehicles


Medium Vehicles


 Large Vehicles


Paint Correction Process:

Wheels, Tires, Wheel Wells are Deep Cleaned

We don’t just clean the face of the wheel, we clean the inner barrel and the wheel wells. Then we apply a water based dressing to plastic wheel wells giving them a “like new” appearance and making them easier to clean in the future. 

Paint is Washed

We use proper washing techniques to ensure your vehicle gets a scratch and swirl free wash every time! We also utilize 100% spot free water which is very essential in preventing water spots which are easy to get in Arizona.

Bugs Splatter, Road Tar, and Tree Sap are Removed

Unlike the drive through car wash, We take the time to get all the bug splatter off the front end of the vehicle.

Clay Bar Painted Surfaces and Glass

The clay bar treatment helps remove embedded contaminants from the paint and glass, leaving behind a smooth surface for the wax to bond to.

Exterior Glass is Cleaned

All exterior windows and mirrors are cleaned and left streak free.

Polishing Stage

This is when we remove the swirl marks and scratches with our machine polishers.

Wax is Applied

We now apply the wax using a machine polisher or by hand. The wax we use typically lasts between 4-6 months.

Tires and Plastics are Dressed

We dress all the exterior plastic and tires. Not only does this give your vehicle that fresh detailed look. It also helps protect the black trim from fading in brutal Gilbert sun.

2- Step Paint Correction:

Simple Pricing 

(price may vary depending on vehicle size and condition)

Small Vehicles


 Medium Vehicles


Large Vehicles


What’s the difference between 1-step and 2-step?

The difference is how many scratches and defects get removed. 

The 1-step is not as aggressive and doesn’t remove as much as the 2 step. Most clients choose the 1-step and some cars only require a 1-step. This can take us 3-6 hours to complete

The 2-step includes a cutting/compound stage followed up by a polishing stage. The 1- step only includes the polishing stage. 2-step is only recommended for vehicles that are not brand new and darker colored vehicles. This can take us 6-8 hours to complete.  

To get the most out of your paint correction we highly recommend pairing this with a Ceramic Coating and checking out our maintenance program

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Paint Correction FAQs

Will a paint correction fix my faded paint? Unfortunately, when paint starts to fade, that’s the clear coat layer failing. The only real fix for this is getting your car repainted.  

Will a paint correction fix every single scratch on my vehicle? A Paint Correction will only be able to fix scratches in the clear coat layer. Some easy ways to tell if the scratch can be removed is by 1. feeling it with your finger nail. If you cant feel it with your nail then it can be removed. 2. If the scratches disappear when you pour water over them, they can be removed. 

Will a paint correction leave my paint with swirl marks or hazy?  When done correctly your paint will be free of any swirl marks and haze. Your paint will be extremely shiny and look like a mirror.

Can this be done at my house? Yes, as long as we have access to your garage the entire ceramic coating process can be done at your home. The cities we service are, Gold CanyonApache JunctionMesaGilbertChandlerSan Tan ValleyQueen CreekScottsdaleParadise ValleyTempe.