Like it or not, your car reflects who you are. If you drive to an appointment, people assume certain things about you based on the condition of your car. Do you take care of it? Do you take pride in its appearance? Or is it dinged, dirty, and making odd sounds? If you’re not taking care of your car, what other areas of your life are you neglecting?

But cleaning and waxing your car is a major time investment that many people simply don’t have the time for. If you want a car that reflects well on you, there’s a time-saving solution. That solution is ceramic coating.

What Is Ceramic Coating?
Ceramic coating is the longest and most durable protection you can add to your car. This type of protection lasts an unparalleled 2-3 years and is one of the lowest maintenance options around. Prices vary based on the size of the vehicle, but run around $600 for small cars and $800 for larger vehicles.

Car owners who love the look of a new car, but don’t have time to wax and polish their vehicle every weekend, enjoy the glossy finish and durability of ceramic coating. This type of protection keeps your car looking its best, especially in the challenging environmental conditions of Arizona, such as sun, UV rays, and dry heat.

What to expect with Ceramic Coating
First, be prepared for it to take 1-2 days. Ceramic coating provides unmatched protection for your car. The process is much more involved than wax on, wax off. It’s a multi-step process that cleans and protects all areas of the vehicle. A solid ceramic coating package includes complete wheels and tire cleaning, degreasing, and a car wash following proper wash techniques to safeguard against water spots.

After the car surface is clean, it’s essential to prepare the car body for the coating. That means removing all embedded contaminants and polishing the paint so that swirl marks and light scratches are removed. This provides the optimum surface for the ceramic coating.

After the ceramic coating is applied to the painted surfaces, the detail professional will clean the exterior glass and the tires. Plastics are dressed to give the vehicle that fresh, detailed look.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating
Ceramic coating is a lengthy up-front process but means less maintenance over the following 2-3 years. However, longevity is not the only benefit of ceramic coating. There are several benefits to your car and its maintenance.

Arizona automobile owners who choose Ceramic Coating can expect:

1. A reduction in light scratches
2. Rust prevention
3. Easier cleaning
4. Protection from chemical staining and etching
5. A high gloss shine so the vehicle looks newer longer (and may improve your trade-in value, as well)
6. Protection from UV radiation damage and oxidation
7. Self-cleaning properties

Plus, you don’t have to wax your car again! Get the beauty of a high gloss shine without the exhausting buffing. Car owners who wax their cars regularly think they’re providing the cars with a lot of protection. And they are achieving some of that. But many don’t realize there is a longer-lasting, easier solution with superior protection out there.

Wax Yields Shine, Ceramic Coating Provides Shine AND Protection
Wax creates a high-luster shine but must be repeated periodically to maintain that gloss. When you apply wax, tiny particles seal the gaps and pores in the vehicle’s paint. That’s why when you pour water over your waxed car, the water beads up and runs off.

Ceramic coating repels water too. But unlike wax, it also repels chemicals, UV rays, scratches, heat damage, and other contaminants, keeping your car’s luster longer and protecting your investment. Most drivers don’t realize that a lot of the damage to a car’s paint occurs over time under the surface. One day you might notice discoloration, but the cause began years ago in the breakdown of the surface protection.

Your car is an expensive tool that allows you to earn a living, take a trip, see your loved ones, and have some fun. Ceramic coating is an efficient way to protect that investment for years to come.

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